In an industry where professionalism and honesty do not come in spades, Cindy Hanson fully embodies these traits. I have entrusted Cindy with multiple transactions (purchases + leasing) since 2011.

Cindy has been a professional (full-time, career) Realtor for a very long time in the Orange County market. It helps that she is also an active real estate investor herself – the adage of “eating your own cooking” applies. Her local knowledge has helped me understand good entry points, pricing, countering strategies, and tenant-selection pointers.Her team of excellent processors help all of us secure necessary documents, close escrows in time, ensure all ducks are in a row. Cindy is also very detail-oriented in coaching her team to do things right, the first time.Cindy’s response time is almost instantaneous, sometimes even deep into the night or way too early in the morning. Her team is also very responsive with questions to documentation / transaction / etc.

In any real estate transaction, there is back-and-forth, and money talks. Because of Cindy’s knowledge of local market, she has accurate pulse on what is going on and knows the pricing well. As such, Cindy has secured for me multiple properties at great prices.

I do not hesitate referring Cindy to my family, friends, and clients. Every referral results in positive feedback on her strong abilities. Cindy embodies what it means to be a professional Realtor, and I highly recommend her.

Danny Chen
Immigration Attorney
Green Maple Law Group


— Client